Soldier Rig

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The Gini Rigs Solider Rig is part of a new bread of run and gun DSLR rigs. It is simple, lightweight and cheap, three key things for on-the-go videographers



Forget complexity, excessive functionality and endless customizability, sometimes you just need something simple. The Soldier Rig is small, easy and perfect for documentaries, weddings, interviews and everyday filming. It allows you to get stable, smooth handheld shots without overspending or lugging round countless boxes of gear. If you are looking for a small and simple bit of kit, the Gini Rigs Soldier Rig is for you.

What's Included?

Universal DSLR Cage Version
1x Universal DSLR Cage
1x Quick Release Plate
1x Chest Rest
2x 7cm 15mm Rails
1x 15mm Cage Clamp
1x 90 Degree Clamp
1x Magic Handle

Rex Cage Version
1x Rex Cage for BMPCC
1x Chest Rest
1x 7cm 15mm Rails
1x 20cm 15mm Rails
1x 15mm Cage Clamp
3x 90 Degree Clamp
1x Magic Handle