Sniper DSLR Rig


The Sniper DSLR Rig includes our all metal follow focus and our lightweight but luxuriously cushty shoulder pad. The rosette handles are designed for any hand size and provide maximum comfortability for those long handheld shots.



The Sniper DSLR Rig keep its simple yet practical. It is CNC Machined from the highest quality aluminium around.

Please note, the crossbar used on the Sniper is not threaded

We don’t use plastic (unless stated) like many other rigging companies because we know when rigs are put together they can get very heavy and need to be strong. We take pride in our quality rigs and assure you you will not be disappointed with our build quality.

What's Included?

2x Rosette Arms
1x Follow Focus
1x Long CrossBar
1x Baseplate Mounting Kit
4x 15mm Rails
1x Ox Shoulder Pad with 15mm clamp
(Optional Follow Focus)