Quick Release Rig


The Gini Rigs Quick Release Rig is a simple yet effective piece of gear. You can include our well loved Gini Rigs iFocus using the drop down menu below. Our main focus with this rig is to drive the cost down yet keep some key features.



We appreciate many of you don’t want the bulky cage and just seek something that’s easy to setup and allows for smooth movements. That’s why we have introduced this new rig. Its quick and lightweight to use and with our new QR Plate its super easy to switch back to handheld. We have got rid of the counterweights and instead included a V2 monitor arm.

What's Included?

2x 15mm Handles
1x QR Baseplate
1x 90° Clamp
1x LH Clamp
1x Oxford Canvas Shoulder Pad
1x V2 Monitor Arm
3x 30cm Long 15mm Rods
2x 20cm medium 15mm Rods
(Optional) 1x Follow Focus
(Optional) 1x Lens Gear