Marathon Run and Gun Rig


The shoulder support has been designed to provide maximum comfortability so you never have a achey shoulder again.

You can order this with or without the follow focus using the drop down menu below.



Our Marathon Run and Gun Rig has been produced for people with lighter camera setups like DSLR’s. Instead of having a big heavy rig weighting down on top of you, you can simply push the Marathon rig up tight to the inside of your shoulder and you can have the nice steady shots you dreamed of.

What's Included?

1x DSLR Baseplate
2x 15mm Magic Handles
2x D Clamps
3x 90 Degree Clamps
1x Heart Handle
3x 20cm 15mm Rods
2x 7cm 15mm Rods
(Optional Follow Focus)
(Optional Lens Gear)