Magic Rig


This is our Gini Rigs Magic rig aimed at the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. It combines some of our newest products, like the Oxford Canvas Shoulder Pad, our 30cm Crossbar and the deluxe Rosette Handles. We have also created a new baseplate specifically for the BMCC.



While this rig is aimed at the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, it can be used with any camera setup.

*PLEASE NOTE* – Monitor Arm is not included, but can be added via our store.

Follow Focus

No Follow Focus, With Follow Focus, With Mini iFocus

What's Included?

1x CrossBar
2x Premium Handles
2x Short Arms
1x CrossBar Clamp
2x 30cm 15mm Rails
2x 23cm 15mm Rails
1x Oxford Canvas Shoulder Pad
1x BMCC Baseplate
1x Offset Clamp