M1xtreme BMPC Rig

$420.00 $320.00

UPDATED WITH OUR NEW SWITCH SHOULDER PAD. Designed specifically for the BMPC, the M1xtreme Rig turns your pocket camera into something serious. Rosette Handles, Monitor arm and Follow Focus, make this rig a must have for your BMPC


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PDF Manual (6.49MB) – Click here for Assembly Instructions.

The M1xtreme BMPC Rig is the big boy of all BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Rigs. It combines our Solid Rosette Handles, a super soft shoulder pad, the new Mini iFocus Follow Focus and our Rex Cage for BMPC.

Just like our other cages, the Rex cages features 1/4-20 thread all along the top and sides of the cage, enabling easy installation of additional accessories. For the M1xtreme BMPC Rig, we have included the V2 Monitor Arm that screws directly into the cage as well as our Top Handle system.

What's Included?

1x Top Plate
1x Bottom Plate
2x Side Arm
2x FSS Clamp (Top & Bottom)
2x Rosette Long Arms (50P)
2x NEW Rosette Handles (50P)
2x Rosette Connect (50P)
2x 20cm Rods (-,+)
2x 25cm Rods
1x Switch Shoulder Pad
1x Mini Focus Follow
1x Tri Kit
1x Monitor Arm (V2)