Lens Gear 3pack ( 2 + 1 FREE )

$179.99 $140.00

We are now offering our lens gear in a 3pack to save you some cash. By ordering this pack it will save you $30 and you can keep the gears on each of your lenses. Much easier.


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Gini Rigs Lens Gear comes in 3 colors (Red and Black and Blue) and you can select what colours you want via the drop down menu*. The lens gears are cnc’d from the best quality aluminium and have 8 tapped knobs that adjust to securely fasten onto the lens focus ring.

Our design uses industry-standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod)

*We will try our hardest to match your request with colors but if one is not in stock we will send the other color.

What's Included?

3x Lens Gear
Mounting Screws