K-7 Rig ( R )


The K-7 utilizes our Bridgeplate and Dovetail set and builds out from there. Our ergonomic Magic handles provide fantastic grip and control while the deluxe soft shoulder pad at the rear allows you to enjoy the ride.


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The Gini Rigs K-7 rig is a perfect to shoot handheld on your RED setup. Its minimal yet far from lacking in key features. Having spent your budget on a fantastic RED camera, this could be a great option if your looking for a simple yet solid way to support your prize in joy.

The K-7 is also covered in both 1/4″ 20 and 15 3/8″ so you’re never short of mounting points. .

Some users love the 15mm setups, while others prefer 19mm, so we give YOU the choice.

**At Gini Rigs, we design and sell products that are compatible with RED cameras and accessories. However the products we at Gini Rigs sell are strictly from the Gini Rigs brand and not associated with RED in anyway. Products that we create that are compatible with RED gear clearly show a (R) in the product name. **

What's Included?

1x SL Shoulder Pad
1x Bridge plate dovetail set
2x 90 BIG 19mm or 15mm Clamps
2X BIG D Clamp (19mm or 15mm)
3x 19mm/15mm 20cmRods
2x 19mm/15mm 10cmRods
2x 19mm/15mm Fast Handles