Julio DSLR Rig

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Julio is our simple cage and DSLR rig that protects and allows for multiple additions to be added later. Included is our follow focus that can fit on the bottom 15mm rails next to a mattebox or uniquely on the top rails hanging down. On the side is our red body arms that have 15mm clamps.



This DSLR Rig is fantastic for those who need a simple, yet fully functional setup, without breaking the bank. It is easily attachable to standard tripods with various 1/4-20 threads along the bottom-side of the crossbar and BP-7 Baseplate. Finally the snazzy red body arms give your rig some serious style while protecting your camera setup.

What's Included?

2x Body Arms
8x 15mm Rails
2x Rosette Arms
1x Cross Bar
1x Foam Shoulder Pad
1x BP-7 Baseplate
(Optional Follow focus)