Gorilla Rig ( R )

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The Gorilla rig is a simple yet solid piece of kit. Understanding that larger accessories will require more strength, the Gorilla rig includes 19mm rails where it’s needed. It also includes our solid Bridgeplate and Dovetail set which allows for easy camera position adjustments while still maintaining sturdy strength.


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The Gorilla Rig 19mm Magic handles are also fully adjustable and attach to clamps that feature multiple mounting options. Above is our well-loved ifocus Follow Focus System on industry standard 15mm rails. At the rear sits our deluxe Oxford shoulder pad that allows for comfort even on those longer handheld takes. The Gorilla rig really brings together simplicity and functionality.

**At Gini Rigs, we design and sell products that are compatible with RED cameras and accessories. However the products we at Gini Rigs sell are strictly from the Gini Rigs brand and not associated with RED in anyway. Products that we create that are compatible with RED gear clearly show a (R) in the product name. **

What's Included?

2x 10cm 19mm Rails
2x 19mm Handles
2x Handle clamps
5x 19mm 20cm rail
2x 90degree clamps
2x 10cm 15mm rails
1x Dovetail slider plate
1x Monitor Arm
1x Oxford Shoulder Pad
1x 1.2kg Counter Weight
(Optional Follow Focus)