The ALL DSLR Cage makes every DSLR Camera just a little bit more powerful. With the included quick release its time to give your camera a solid quick releaseable home, not only for protection but so you can start adding accessories and get out the most of your Canon,Panasonic,Nikon,Sony, etc… DSLR.

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We have covered our ALL DSLR CAGE in 1/4″ 20 threads so you can easily add a monitor arm and start attaching LED lights, Microphones, Monitors etc. It comes with a Quick Release Baseplate, so you will be able to instantly take out your camera from the cage. Also on the bottom is a battery slot so you can easily slide your battery out without detaching your camera from the cage.

Just like all of our products, the ALL DSLR CAGE is all CNC machined and use only the best quality materials. We are proud of how we build our cages and we are sure that you will be proud to own one.

What's Included?

1x Quick Release