The Bluegun

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The Bluegun rig is an limited edition rig, only 10 units are available. Be fast! First serve first gets!

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Over the last years, we prototyped and developed parts and knobs in different colors. Not all of those items made it to our product list. Now we decided to introduce you – our customer our limited edition. Rigs in the limited edition are “once of a kind” and you could be proud owning one.

The Bluegun rig comes with threated round handles, silver rods and it also includes our a silicone shoulder pad , an additional round handle as top handle and we included a BP-10 baseplate that allows you to unmount your camera easily on and off the rig. At the bottom of the baseplate sits many 1/4″-20 and 3/8″ thread so you can connect any tripod.

Just like all of our products, this rig is all CNC machined and uses only the best quality materials.

We produced in total 10 of this rigs. First comes first served!