Advanced Pro 200 DSLR Rig


The Advanced Pro 200 DSLR Rig is our inexpensive DSLR rig with all you need to get started. Combining our quick release baseplate, our lens support, a V2 monitor arm and our 1.2kg counterweight to support your DSLR setup.



The Advanced Pro 200 DSLR Rig is the perfect setup for run and gun shoots as well as a fantastic base to build up your rig. Just like all of the Gini Rigs products, everything is made from the best quality aluminium and CNC machined.

What's Included?

1x Cross bar
1x FS clamp
2x Rosette handles
1x Advanced QR Baseplate
1x Slim shoulder pad
1x V1 monitor arm
1x Lens support
1x LH Clamp
4x 25cm Rails
1x Counter Weight – 1.2kg