Advanced Extreme 17

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The Gini Rigs Advanced Extreme 17 is our most popular rig to date. It is compatible with all different cameras type, including DSLR’s as well as the BlackMagic Cameras, and can be modified to create many different setups.



PDF Manual (4.43MB) – Click here for Assembly Instructions.

Since the early days of Gini Rigs this rig has been widely enjoyed across the globe and for that reason we have kept it on-board and continually updated it with the newest components. The Advanced Extreme 17 brings together some of the best of our Gini Rigs items, including a choice of 1 of 4 camera baseplates, our premium soft shoulder pad designed for long shoots in mind, the well-known and loved Gini Rigs ifocus Follow Focus System and our ergonomically designed Magic handles.

On top of this we include monitor arms, cage arms, 1.2kg counterweight, rails and loads more (full list can be seen below). One of the fantastic things about our rigs is the ability to customize them so easily. We understand that not all your shots may require a large crowded rig, so we build our products so its super easy to modify and build your setup however you need it. In the same light, we provide you with all the parts to allow for a large setup should you require one. We see a rig is an investment at the end of the day so its good to get something that can be changed and modified to fit any camera setup.

The Advanced Extreme 17 uses industry standard 15mm rails. As standard, the Ezekiel Baseplate, uses 1/4″ 20 (standard DSLR tripod size) mounting thread on the baseplate and monitor arms. You can also select which baseplate you wish to be shipped via the drop down menu above.

Differences between the baseplates:
Advanced QR baseplate – Quick Release Basplate
BP-7 – Detachable top to bottom Baseplate
Ezekiel baseplate – Standard adjustable DSLR Baseplate
Magic baseplate – Larger baseplate for BMCC and other larger cameras

What's Included?

2x Magic Handles
1x Ezekiel Baseplate
6x 90° Clamp
1x LH Clamp
1x Top Handle
1x Soft Foam Pad
2x Monitor Arm
5x 30cm Long 15mm Rod
4x 10cm short 15mm Rod
3x Body Arm
1x 1.2kg Counter Weight with Clamp
(Optional Follow Focus)
(Optional Lens Gear)