Keeping this simple, we are currently seeking GINI RIGS customers’ to review our gear in exchange for cashback.

Whether your a Filmmaker, Videographer or Photographer, you all spend hours with your beloved cameras, so why not let Gini Rigs pay you for it? We want to invite you to spend just a few minutes on camera and receive cashback on your Gini Rigs purchase. Its that simple!

We are giving 5% cashback on each item you review.


So for example, you purchase our most popular setup, the Advanced Extreme 17 Rig for $599 (with iFocus Follow Focus), and you’re over the moon about it. You build it up, play around with different configurations, ring your non-interested wife/girlfriend and tell them how fantastic it is and best of all, you realised it was cheap when compared to the competition. But what if we could offer you another 5% ($30 in this case) off just for reviewing it?

All we require from you to access the 5% off each product is a video review via YouTube or Vimeo. You can just have a simple one shot to-camera review or add some test footage, show some features you like or dislike, it is completely up to you. This is just a chance to show the rest of the world what you think of our products, and get paid for it!

Once its all filmed and edited, just send us the video link and we will send your cashback. Simple.

As with all these things, we do request each review meets the following requirements:

  1. You have 10 days, from the day you receiving your order, to send us the link.
  2. It stays online for a minimum period of 6 months.
  3. It must be 3+ minutes in length (that’s $10 a minute for the example above).
  4. It must not be just an ‘unwrapping’ video. It is fine to see the rig being built up, but please stay away from just showing you unwrapping it.
  5. Please be on camera. We want to see the our Gini Rigs customers in the light!
  6. Cashback is sent via Paypal so you must have a Paypal account. We aim to send it within 48hrs.
  7. Each product requires an individual review. If you bought a rig and a slider, for 5% off both products, you would have to do two reviews.
  8. Within the product description, a link to the product being reviewed must be displayed.
  9. HD is prefered but not required. However we must be able to see and hear you clearly.
  10. If a puppy appears in the video you maybe entitled to extra money back* (this maybe a lie).