Where can I go to order Gini Rig products?
GiniRigs.net is now the only place to buy Gini Rigs products direct from the manufacturer. Also we have expanded into various dealers around the world and we expect more dealers to open shortly with our growing reputation for high quality products at affordable prices. We recommend you check out the Where To Buy section to find your local dealer to see our products first-hand, if you do not have a local dealer we encourage ordering directly from GiniRigs.net.

What about GiniRigs.com? Is this site affiliated with the Gini Rigs we know and love?
No. The domain GiniRigs.com was purchased by an individual who wanted to target our audience. Since then it has been used to divert our valued customers to the aforementioned individuals and their new company Supamods, claiming it is our “sister” site which is not true. Supermods is NOT associated with us in any way nor does it sell any authentic Gini Rig products. In fact, we urge customers to check our “sister” site and be aware that although it links to social media accounts advertising Gini Rigs it is in fact not selling Gini Rig products and is just advertising cheaper brands made of lesser quality materials at a higher price.

Where are you located?
In order to keep our products at the lowest cost, our products are manufactured in South Korea. Unlike other companies, who produce their rigs in the US, our products are machined in Seoul then sent straight out to customers directly from the factory.

How long with it take to receive my order?
Normally we send out our products within a 1-2 days of receiving your payment. Your parcel then makes its journey to its designated country and typically takes 3-5 working days to be delivered to the address you provide. You can track the status of your shipment as soon as your parcel is marked as being shipped. We aim to send your tracking number out when we ship your item. Typically our customers receive their packages around 1 week from placing their order.

How do your send my precious rig?
We ship our items via DHL and EMS.


What are the payment options?
We accept most Credit Cards and Debit Cards via our Secure Encrypted Checkout. We use 128-bit encryption to ensure the safety of our customers while ordering online. We also offer secure payments through the Paypal.

What is our returns policy?
Please see our Return page.